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The Brush Country Bulls Group produces SimGenetic composite cattle to make it easy to maintain a significant level of heterosis, heat tolerance and uniform quality in both carcass and convenience traits.  SimAngus™HT, SimAngus™, Simbrah and Simmental give choices to optimize calves from different herd bases.  Adaptability, fertility and growth are keys to profits.  The members of the Brush Country Bull Group are committed to providing high quality bulls and replacement heifers that combine these traits.  Current members include RX Simbrah – Sally Buxkemper and Filegonia Cattle Company – Beth Mercer & Joe Mercer.

Bull development takes place at Tom Brothers Ranch bull development facility near Campbellton in lots large enough to allow adequate space for the bulls to exercise.  The bulls are continuously evaluated for performance and disposition.  Rations are designed to achieve gain without sacrificing rumen health and foot soundness.  All bulls have passed a breeding soundness exam and are ready to work.

In the first two Brush County Bulls auction sales our bulls have been well received and among the highest sellers.  In our recent private treaty sales we have continued to have repeat buyers for our bulls and a number of volume buyers have been attracted to the uniformity of the bulls that are offered.

Spring Born 2015 Bulls
RX Si Special C96
ASA 2976659 - View Pedigree
5/8 SM 3/8 BR PB Simbrah
He is a PB Simbrah growth bull. He should be fine for cows.
ZZ Mr Fire C686
ASA 2971834 - View Pedigree
3/4 SM 1/4 BR • % Simbrah
Good looking % Simbrah bull out of one of our favorite Texas Red cows. Gentle like his parents, most likely homozygous polled with a ratio of 106 for REA. Top 5% for API.
ZZ Mr Z700 C687
ASA 2971835 - View Pedigree
3/4 SM 1/4 BR • % Simbrah
This bull had a ratio within herd of 107 for WW, 102 for IMF. Use on mature cows. Gentle polled bull.
Video Not Available
ZZ MR Fire C704
ASA 2971852 - View Pedigree
3/4 SM 1/4 BR • % Simbrah
This bull had a light birthweight and grew very quickly. Ratio in herd of 104 for BW, 116 for WW, 112 for
YW, 101 for IMF. In top 4% of the breed for ADG, 1% for IMF,
1% for API and TI. Polled. Video not
available for this bull. Camera problem during filming.
ZZ Mr Fire C663
ASA 2971811 - View Pedigree
3/4 SM 1/4 BR % Simbrah
Good maternal genetics in this bull's pedigree. His 12 year old grand dam, and two more of his dam's half sisters are still in our herd. C663 is in the top 3% for API. Polled.
ZZ Mr Fire C682
ASA 2971830 - View Pedigree
3/4 SM 1/4 BR % Simbrah
This Fire son had the best IMF of all of our bulls this season with a ratio of 133 and in the top 1% for IMF for the breed. API is in the top 1 % also. Polled.
ZZ Mr Z700 C685
ASA 2971833 - View Pedigree
5/8 SM 1/4 BR PB Simbrah Attractive light red PB Simbrah bull with a ratio of 104 for BW and ranked in the top 5% for BW with a 1.5 EPD. Polled.



  Sarah (Sally) Buxkemper
RX Ranch

2617 CR 400 • Ballinger, TX 76821
325.442.4501 • sbuxkemper32@gmail.com

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