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RX Red Pride HT B18
• ASA: 2857543

Selected as our first SimAngus HT herd sire, B18 excelled across the board in performance and ultrasound carcass. His dam has produced 3 outstanding calves. He is GE DNA tested and is homozygous polled and non-dilute red.


HSF CON-29Z 35Z 49B
• ASA: 2929694

49B was purchased with Sue Eden of Lenapah OK From Hofmann Simmental Farms. He is a second generation SimAngus halfblood with outstanding performance, scan, and EPDs. Semen is available on this bull for $20 per straw. He is GE DNA tested and is homozygous polled.


GW Predestined 733Y
• ASA: 2606162
Non CSS semen $20 per straw.

Predestined is being used to produce some outstanding SimAngus HT calves. 

733Y with Heifers

RX London's Fire
• ASA: 2498236
London’s Fire now has CSS semen available for $25 per straw.
It is also approved for Australia.

London's Fire is jointly owned with Filegonia Cattle Co.  His sons performed and sold very well in the first Brush Country Bull sale.  He is a purebred Simmental with a slick haircoat.  His legs and feet are picture perfect.

Non CSS semen is still available for $20.  He has completed the ASA Carcass Merit Program with excellent results and data is included in his EPDs.  He is in the top 2 percentile for PB Simmentals for marbling.  He tested homozygous polled and non-dilute.  He produces short slick hair important for heat tolerance.  His daughters are making very good cows.  He is jointly owned by Beth and Joe Mercer.  Neither Mercers nor RX Ranch has had any spotted calves from Fire.


RX Shiraz U803
• ASA: 2447832
Carcass Merit Program Results
CSS semen $25 with semen also qualified for Australia.
Non CSS semen $20 per straw.

Shiraz is homozygous polled and non dilute red.  Daughters are very attractive
with first heifers calving un-assisted with beautiful udders and teats. Sons sold well in the Brush Country Sale with lot 4 the high seller. Shiraz has performed extremely well on the RGV bull test. He was used naturally on a large group of cows for 30 days and held up very well while servicing several cows per day. The Gene Star tenderness is in top 10% and top 30% for feed efficiency.

Shiraz has also completed Carcass Merit Program testing with ranking in top 2 percentile for marbling for Simbrah.  He also now has exportable CSS semen available for $25 per straw.  Non CSS semen is still available for $20.  Shiraz also tested homozygous polled and non- dilute red.  Daughters of Shiraz are making excellent cows with tight udders and small teats. 

RX Shiraz's Calves Looking Good...
Heifer Calf X04
Sired by Shiraz
  For more photos of Shiraz's daughters, view our Females page.

• ASA: 2661087

We collected a little semen on Z17 before selling him to Smokey Smith in the Brush Country Sale.  We now have a nice group of his calves on the ground and they are outstanding.  We will be using him again this fall 2014.  We think he may be one of the best non Shearforce, Beef Maker bred red Simmentals to come along.  He tested homozygous polled, non-dilute red and non carrier for DD.  He has excellent EPDs for growth as well as carcass with API top 20% for PB Simmentals.


RX Fire Z700
• ASA: 2707360

This promising young bull is being used on some Simbrahs. He is 1st percentile for API for Simbrah.


RX Platinum L146
• ASA: 2141963
CSS semen $20 per straw.

Platinum produces heavily muscled growthy calves. He should be used on mature cows only. His daughters have made very good cows in our herd. His semen has been popularly used in Central America and South Africa.

RX Texas Red H862
• ASA: 2007794
CSS semen $20. Per straw

Texas Red is an easy calver and can be used on heifers. He is non dilute red and homozygous polled. He was tested for carcass merit by ASA and his progeny will marble well and are tender. His daughters make outstanding moderately sized cows with very attractive udders. His progeny have very good dispositions.
RX Amarula R501
• ASA: 2294589
Semen $25 per straw (NON CSS)

Amarula was the first Simbrah bull to be homozygous for the three Gene Star Tenderness alleles. He was also tested by MMI with their tenderness panel and scored with the top Angus with that as well. His first steer calves to be commercially fed gained very well. Since Amarula is line bred, his calves get a boost when he is bred to unrelated females. Amarula is homozygous polled, with a very clean sheath. His progeny all have very clean underlines.
RX Texas Sixty J952
• ASA: 2057638
CSS semen $20 per straw

Texas Sixty was the last calf from an old foundation cow that produced an excellent calf every time. He was raised as an orphan after his dam died. He transmits very correct sound feet, legs and udders on female progeny. Texas Sixty also has one copy of the rare 316 calpain marker for tenderness.
RX Cinnamon S6114
• ASA: 2381562
CSS semen $25 with semen also qualified for Australia

Cinnamon has excellent progeny born in 2009. He has some high carcass merit Red Simmental and Red Angus in his pedigree and Nelore for Bos indicus. He is at the very top for API in the Simbrah Registry. Cinnamon collected good volume of excellent quality semen when the temperature was near 100. He has a very good disposition as well. He was DNA tested homozygous polled.

RX Cinnamon tested non-dilute so he will produce black if bred to black cows. We have not had any spotted calves sired by him. His first yearling sons to complete a gain test were stout and fertile and sold to Alan Wier, Lovington, NM.

Volume price is available.

  Ana Hudson • 325-212-1117
Edgar Artecana • 214-957-8707

RX Ranch, 8330 W. Fm 1692, Miles, TX 76861

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